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April 8, 2013

Jack Canon’s American Destiny – A Political Thriller with a Climax

Ft Myers, FL –April 5, 2013 — Tenderness, romance and suspense with a climax SO SHOCKING you’ll Pull the Covers and Draw the Shades. In a time when little gets done in real world politics, and the excuses and accusations are lame, this political thriller fulfills a need to see change happen fast, concluding with sweeping drama. This week Itoh Press released the paperback edition of “Jack Canon’s American Destiny”, a political thriller which has gained a word-of-mouth following in ebook format.

Author Greg Sandora wrote “Jack Canon’s American Destiny” as a first person narrative from the point of view of a liberal politician, Jack Canon, running effectively for President Of The United States, when no one in corporate or political power wants him to succeed. A flawed character himself, Jack Canon must face down character assassination plots and murder attempts, on himself and those close to him, all in an effort to move him off political center stage.

Sandora brings the reader intimately inside the head of Jack Canon, a true-believer, a man in love with two women, charismatic, somewhere between Jack Kennedy and Hemingway, with a passion for his friends and his beliefs. The novel is unlike many political thrillers, though as suspenseful on the intrigue as the best political novels, this isn’t just a political thriller, but a character study, and a study of love and friendship among truly human characters.

The genre of the political thriller serves all shades of the political spectrum. No one character of a particular political color is immune from being cast as the hero or villain in the political thriller. However, it exists as a genre where most practitioners take a conservative leaning, where a clear protagonist is drawn with only minor flaws. The combination of a liberal politician who struggles with his own passions brings a refreshing dimension to the political thriller. That such a person might have political savvy to successfully go up against violent and unchecked powers in the country reflects the best hopes that we as a people have in our political process.
Greg Sandora’s says of his novel, “This is a story I’ve always wanted to see myself. Jack Canon’s destiny is to make things right. The wealthy in this country have picked on the foreclosed carcass of the middle class. Jack Canon is a charismatic leader who goes ‘All In’ to make things right.”

A Review –

Do you like political thrillers with a clever plot, heart thumping action, strong-willed characters and shocking twists? Then what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of “Jack Canon’s American Destiny” by Greg Sandora and prepare yourself for the most exciting ride. This novel is going to give you exactly what everyone is hoping for in the current political and social situation: the image of a determined man who is willing to do anything to become President of the United States and make the changes that would turn the country in a better place to live for all citizens.

Jack Canon is telling his story in a conversational, relaxed tone. He is the Senior Democratic Senator from Kentucky, but his aspirations are much higher than this. He is kind, charismatic, and a dedicated family man. He’s handsome and too intelligent for his own good, but he does have his flaws. Even though he is loyal to his wife, he is deeply in love with Sandy, his assistant. The chemistry between the two is incredible, but Jack is an honest and fair man. Let’s hope his passion won’t distract him from what he is really after.

Running for President has never been easy, but in Jack’s case things get even more complicated when he becomes the target for a murder attack. Fortunately for him, the plan backfires and the wrong people are killed. This, however, creates even more havoc. Jack has old and powerful enemies. What do you do when the Mob, Rogue Billionaires and Oil Sheiks are all after you? The only one who wants him alive is the current President, who strongly believes Jack has a chance to replace him.

Readers will love Jack Canon from the very first pages. He is confident and ready to fight for his dream. He has wanted to change this cruel and unjust world since he was 10 years old. Now he has a real chance to make a difference and he’s not going to let it go. America needs such a man. So, if you’re interested in politics and you’re indignant at what is currently happening, then you’re going to love this amazing character. Greg Sandora has a unique talent of making the reader root for his positive characters.
“Jack Canon’s American Destiny” is a suspenseful and fast-paced novel that has just the right amount of humor to make you laugh out loud but still take the plot seriously. And just when you think there’s nothing else this novel can do to surprise you, you’ll be shocked by an incredible twist. I’m not going to say more about the action, so you’ll have to discover the best parts on your own.

About Greg Sandora
Greg Sandora, author of “Jack Canon’s American Destiny”, grew up with parents who followed their passions and has spent his life doing the same. After owning an award winning fitness center in his hometown of Portland, Maine, Sandora moved to Ft Myers, Florida where he currently writes and works as a professional manager.
“Jack Canon’s American Destiny” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Greg Sandora
Fort Myers


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