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Questions and answers about the writing of Jack Canon’s American Destiny

March 10, 2013

I always wanted to tell this story. I became truly motivated to write it after my mother’s passing. Partially to help me cope with the loss. My family and friends have been very supportive. Funny story – I sat down in the living room in our most comfortable chair and wrote the first paragraph. I liked it even though it didn’t end up making it into the book. Finishing that paragraph I announced to my wife and 22 year old son that I was writing a book. We still laugh about the eye-rolling. The idea came to me all at once – the entire story. I wanted to tell a story of great characters who are the best of friends. There’s tenderness, romance, political corruption at the highest levels; not to leave out murder and revenge.
I don’t get writers block because I wait until the story literally explodes onto the page.
My sister-in-law has already chosen Ben Affleck to play Jack Canon. Funny – I took the first draft to Disney. At first she didn’t have any interest, but my mother-in-law was reading and commenting – enjoying the story. So my sister-in-law, Terri picks up the pages mom had finished and turned them quickly – long story short – she ended up loving Jack! She bought a kindle just to read the final version. The story is basically set in Washington and on the campaign trail and has plenty of corruption, billionaires and beautiful woman to keep the reader entertained. All the following components are featured: Washington Politics, Corruption, Romance, Love, Tenderness, Murder, Love Story, Suspense, President, Power, Passion, Political Thriller


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