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“L-O-V-E,” Sandy gigled.

February 5, 2013

Itoh Press set me up with a great edit team that has helped me to improve on the book. Launch date is now two weeks out. Without changing the story we work as a team to grind and polish. I am looking forward to my friends and family – everyone I love to read it. I’m up before daylight working on the sequel – Clean Sweep – – it’s not about a cleaning company. An excerpt:

“I can’t believe it either, the times flown,” speaking the words while her perfectly manicured teal toes brushed tenderly at my leg. Rolling her ankle, nearly slipping out of her remaining black and white checked heel, sat the perfect vision of Marilyn Monroe, but for the office. Balanced leaning back on her arms – a smarter version with classy black frames accentuated through dazzling platinum blonde hair. A look I enjoy and she works it.

“Jack?” Pouting through pink gloss lips.

“What honey?”

“How come you wouldn’t text me back last night? Gosh… I kept trying… you. You know I can’t sleep when I don’t hear from you.” Soft and alluring, Sandy’s voice was a combination siren’s song and something an angel might sound like. I pictured her with radiant white wings stretched out behind her.
“Honey I couldn’t break free – last night was complicated. I had a situation to deal with.”
“Was it National Security, Jack?”
“Not Quite.”
“Cause, if you’re busy you can always just text me a quick little something. A couple of letters would do. Maybe – l – o – v – e – I’ll figure it out.” Sandy giggled as she spelled, forcing her lower lip out, “At least I’ll know you’re not ignoring me.” Turning her head to focus out the window her tight curls bounced. “Jack…I felt so alone last night.”
I motioned to pull her gaze. She wasn’t noticing or was pretending not to. Picking her shoe up off the floor I gently placed it on her foot – like she was Cinderella. “I’m sorry honey…yesterday around eight o’clock just as I was finishing up…


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