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Received instructions from Editor

January 23, 2013

My Blog is meant to be fun, informative – I’m going through a new process and learning – it’s so much fun. Those who know me understand my humor – so take the blog with a grain of salt and laugh along when I rant – Speaking of editing it’s Hard work though – got my instructions from the Chief Editor what to look for and corrections, then stayed up late into the evening to get the job done. I work full time and write usually 10 PM after our shows until midnight or 1 AM. Sometimes this blog will be raw because you can get a little punchy late in the evening. I am so grateful to God for the opportunity. Thanks to all my friends old and new who have watched the video book trailer – where I’m from a small town in Maine just outside Portland it means a lot. Anyway If you’re reading this you are part of the making of Jack Canon’s American Destiny. Named for my Grandfather who proudly made his way through life raising three beautiful daughters, who then raised four of their own, each prettier than the next. And, for my son Canon – smart, handsome, caring – he doesn’t care now – but, I’m hoping it means something to him later. I’ve used names of some of the most prominent people in our lives – Casie my stunningly beautiful little girl is the nurse and her wonderful friend Becca inspired the mission worker who devoted her life to the children. The list goes on and on – Bill and Steve Mitchell – we discussed it – in addition to our plans to walk the way someday soon – which Kathy and I are looking forward to. The story has tenderness, love, danger, murder, betrayal, fantasy, cruelty, lust, and all the emotion I could pack into 334 pages. The woman are beautiful just like in my real life – the men take action are decisive, make no apologies – and don’t look back. I Love to write, and am greateful to everyone who follows this blog…do me a favor and watch the trailer and like it on youtube or link to friends on facebook – it means alot…


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