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Excerpt from Jack Canon – American Destiny due out this month.

January 10, 2013

“Ok Jack, so you took Lisa to the mall, how did you end up shopping with Lisa’s hairdresser of all people? You hate shopping.”
“That’s the great part about the afternoon, I didn’t have to shop. I only had to carry a few Juicy Couture bags to the car.” When we were in the salon while Lisa was getting her hair done, I mentioned to Jean Claude that she was going on a trip and that we came to get her a new outfit. Right there he offered to shop with her, he said he was born to shop. I lucked out. I wouldn’t have been much help anyway.”

“You took Lisa to get her hair done?”
“Ya its funny we weren’t planning on it but when we got to the mall the first thing we saw was this fancy salon. I’ve always thought Lisa’s hair was frumpy, it was right in front of us like a sign so I offered to take her in there.”
I had actually nudged her in that direction with my body but I left that out. I was going to add, you always say that hair is important, but thought that would only irritate her so I kept it to myself, saying only,
“To make her feel better I made a deal to get her hooked up within a year and I was feeling the pressure, I didn’t have a moment to waste.”
“It’s your responsibility to get her hooked up with someone, that’s gotta be a joke. Are you still in high school? The Commander in Chief doesn’t have the time to be matchmaker. How could you promise her something like that?”
I thought if she only knew what I had been asked she would flip out.
“So your telling me that you just walked into a salon, I can’t get you near a salon with me.”
“You’re gorgeous and you don’t want me with you while you’re getting your hair done. Plus this just came up over lunch, I figured why not help her out.”
“Well this is actually a good thing Jack, maybe you can take your daughters next time they need a trim.”
“Adjusting my pillow I said in the most tired sounding voice I could make,
“I’ll take them next time, I don’t mind.”
I knew it would never happen. None of the women in my family would trust me for hair advice
. I turned over and closed my eyes. I was proud of myself for having the will power to close my mouth and leave out some details about the day.
Like earlier
, when Lisa and I walked into the salon the young women who walked over to greet us made quite an impression. Her movements caught my eye as we entered and I secretly hoped she’d be interacting with us. Walking like it was an art form she slinked her way toward the front reception area and strangely unlike most people the closer she got the better she looked. An all black mini dress barely covered her. From a high collar it scooped ultra low backless loosely draping her bottom revealing some of her sides and lowest back.
I could make out a couple tattoos without trying to hard. They were both in handwritten script; one across the exposed part of her foot read butterflies. The writing flowed beautifully at the angle of her heels. The other – four lines of a story centered across her ribs. Normally I don’t even like tattoos, (section left out of preview) – Once upon a time a girl got her heart broken…
Her hair was gorgeous, she wore it mid back length, stick straight, with bangs just touching the top of her softly brushed brows. Crazy, I’ve never liked black hair before, but I was fascinated by the shine.
Close up her face looked smooth as silk, like it was in soft focus. Her delicate features reminded me of a new fawn with giant eyes and a turned up nose. I thought the lighting must be magnificent in here so I looked over at Lisa to test the theory.
Lisa shot me a look like don’t you dare compare me to her. It wasn’t the lighting.
Face to face I focused on her steely blue eyes under large lids covered in smoky dark charcoal.
Her body language was saying no, quickly twitching her head. She looked Lisa up and down like she was nothing, and then briefly turned a dismissive glance towards me.
Through high gloss lips, that were a perfect match for a hot pink scarf she wore, she asked,
“What can we do for you today?”
I hadn’t heard a tone that condescending in years. I wasn’t used to being treated like that. The problem was, she had an attitude like we couldn’t believe. I thought, how can something all wrong, be so perfect.
Lisa seemed a little uncomfortable too. Then, I remembered, with my Boston Cap and Ray-Bans, I’m as invisible as any other middle aged guy would be to a girl her age.
As I was removing my sunglasses and cap, Lisa said sheepishly,
“Do you have anything available now for a walk in?”
“Right now?” Over a look like you can’t be serious.
“Well we’re on our lunch hour,” Lisa managed.
During the verbal exchange I was scanning the salon for eye contact with anyone in charge. A man came quickly over,
“To what do we owe the pleasure today?”
The pink lips said, “I was just telling them we have nothing avail…”
“Nonsense,” he said. Bumping her aside with his hip he moved directly to the middle of the counter.
“I’m Jean Claude, I’ll take it from here Daphne!” Shooting her an if looks could kill glance, he turned to us,
“Daphne does not realize that she may have just told the next President of the United States that we can’t help him. That will never do!”


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