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Positive Visualization Follow my Journey to Publication of my NEW Fiction JACK CANON ALL IN

September 8, 2012

Positive Visualization Strategy

We all have doubts and negative thoughts from time to time especially when we are on the verge of making a decision that will change our life. Will this work, will I be wasting my time? Negative thoughts like these need to be replaced with positive thoughts and visualizations that will be helpful in reaching goals. I absolutely believe that you are able to look and feel your very best! I believe this so strongly that I spent 30 years of my life helping people do just that. Here’s a positive mental exercise that I used with my clients that will help you put things in perspective.

First of all you are a miracle born and blessed with innate God given potential. I believe you’re wonderful just the way you are, but I also know you want to feel good and look amazing. So with this in mind let’s begin a positive visualization exercise together…Now close your eyes and pretend your starring at a stadium sized movie screen. You’re up on that giant screen staring in a movie in the very best condition of your life, at the peak of your abilities and feeling on top of the world! See yourself as though you were totally unstoppable. How would you treat people if you were at the top of your game? How would others treat you? Now, for the second part of our exercise…open your eyes, let me ask you this, on a scale of 1-10, be really honest, where do you think you would fall? Rate yourself ten if you’re living life at the absolute fullest at your highest potential without any room for improvement.Rating a 1 if you imagine you’ve got one foot on a banana peel while the others…we you get where I’m going. Now thinking only of your potential , where are you right now? While I hope you didn’t say one, I’ll bet you didn’t say ten either. In fact in all my years as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Motivator I have never met anyone who did not feel they has some room to improve. If you are really at ten you have my compliments, I heard you were out there, but like the story of Big Foot I was skeptical. If your like most people you answered something like a 4 or 5, or maybe even a 6, but no higher. That’s GREAT-because without any convincing from me-You believe right now that your not living up to your true potential and best that you have room to improve. You my friend are in the right frame of mind for the final stage of this fun mental exercise. Now thinking back almost your entire life…back to when you were a little kid…imagine…what would your life be like now if your parents had sent you away to an Olympic Training Camp. Leaving you to live with Future Olympians through your formative years, you trained and ate exactly as they did. Imagine that you learned and practiced positive visualization techniques with the finest coaches and believed in yourself 100%. No questions asked, mentally and physically prepared as an Olympian you learned unflappable confidence and dreamed of winning the gold. In your heart you knew that just given the chance, the opportunity, you would do anything you tired your absolute best.
Now I’m not foolish enough to say that someone dropped there would have medaled in the Olympics, but I know you’ll agree that even last place Olympians are in phenomenal shape. Hold up…before you get mad at me and write back about your dysfunctional family. Keep in mind this is only a story designed to help you think about your amazing potential. You need to see yourself in great shape in your minds eye first, so you can begin making a difference Now! In how you look and feel. See and feel the power you have in making a decision and take action. Write down your goals, begin an exercise program, begin eating better, and practice thinking positively-like an Olympian. What kind of difference will this decision make in your life in one year…5 years, in 10? Where will you be if your do nothing? God gave you the potential, it’s up to you to use it. You Deserve to Be Your Best!
You are so much more than you ever thought possible…You are the dreamer behind the dream.

I used the power of positive visualization when I started to write the book Jack Canon All In- my fiction coming out January of 2013. My mom had passed away and I needed something positive to focus my energy on. She loved to write poetry and I’ve always dreamed of writing a novel. I sat in the most comfortable chair in the house and wrote the first line…a line we didn’t even end up using, but I looked past the fear of never finishing and seven months of late nights and early mornings…and the book is finished. At least the initial part…as anyone who knows this blog will tell you I am writing about my journey through editing and publication. Oh, and I include flashbacks into the writing too. I am happy and excited to have all my friends read the story. What follows is the letter that I sent out to editors…

It’s the steamy summer of 2016 in Washington, D.C. just days before the Democratic National Convention. A long and painful recession has left ordinary Americans suffering, spawning the hottest Presidential Contest in history. Jack Canon, a man born into privilege, a witness to great social injustice is going to be President of the United States–no matter what! Desperate and corrupt, the leader of the free world orders a hit to slow him down. The plan backfires–the wrong people are dead–a manhunt points to the unthinkable–The President of the United States.

Rewind one year, Jack’s focus on redistribution of wealth and energy has made him powerful enemies. Once his friends, Rogue Billionaires, Oil Sheiks, the Mob, all want him gone. The current President wants him alive–thinking he can win against an unabridged liberal. A Universal Raw Nerve of wealth vs. poverty is exposed becoming a thrill ride as deep machinations of espionage, geo-politics and deception, even murder play out. Kind and charismatic, Jack’s just naughty enough to have you falling for him like one of his loving circle of loyal friends. Of course he’s flawed, a dedicated family man, faithful to one woman, but in love with two. Is it his fault his best friend is impossibly jaw dropping beautiful? Think the crime and passion of the Godfather meets the romance and innocence of Camelot. A story that could spark a movement, a book that can seed a revolution. A heart thumping climax so shocking you’ll pull the covers and draw the shades! One things for sure, through all the drama and suspense, you’ll be pulling for Jack!

He doesn’t live by going through the motions–All In-American Destiny, a complete 100,000 word Mainstream Fiction. Writing is my passion; I graduated cum laude in business and economics from the University of Maine in 1985. Thank you for your time and consideration.

I will be blogging about Fitness and my journey to publication until the release of the book. Please leave a comment.

God Bless

Please remember to always see a health professional prior to starting any workout program


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