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September 8, 2012

I’ll bet you that you’d eagerly do 95% of the work if you just had a little bit of help from your friends and family.  Support from family/friends can make getting fit so much easier and more enjoyable.  But, if all else fails and you can’t find anyone to take the journey with, you can always imagine yourself training alongside an imaginary super motivated friend or celebrity.  Some of my clients had thier best workouts imagining they were running alongside Oprah when she got ready for her marathon.

Has this ever happened to You?  You wait all day and skip at least one meal because your going out to some fancy restaurant for dinner.  The food is expensive and delicious and you want to be starving so you can really enjoy yourself.  By the time you get to the restaurant you’re so unbelievably hungry-you can’t resist filling up on salad and bread-no one will remember that you went for that extra dip in the seasoned olive oil.  Does that count if you’re out of the house? Finally the meal comes-three full baskets of bread later-you were careful to take only five small pieces, Oh except for the heel which you deserved-for thinking of this location in the first place-no one has thanked you yet!  After all wasn’t everyone semi arguing in the car unable to agree on a restaurant-you the ever thoughtful diplomat negotiated a settlement.  Ok well the meal gets placed in front of  you and Now, even though you’re full to the gills on bread and salad-not to mention the free refills on the soda-two 25 oz glasses-with ice you reason- You still eat it all because you don’t want to waste a morsal.  People are starving-and you could have bought a weeks worth of regular groceries at these prices!

Next time try this idea…Cut the meal in half the moment it arrives-make a line down the middle of the plate -it can be imaginary-you don’t want friends knowing you’re crazy-though they suspect.  Bring that half home in a doggy bag-DO NOT FEED THAT SHIT to your DOG!  And, YES you can cheat and take a few extra bites -for taste-just sluff the food around a little so it looks good-YOU don’t want to spoil  your friends GOOD TIME-  Remember You’re a People Pleaser!  Doesn’t this make sense and fess up-no matter what you ate the night before-aren’t you always Ravenous the nest day-by noon?

MOM was WRONG!  You should spoil you Appetite-are you a girl with an appetite like a Truck Driver?  SPOIL YOUR APPETITE!  We all grow up learning not to eat before meals or it would spoil your appetite.  THAT’S exactly what we should do as adults.  Try a peanut butter sandwich-just a slice of bread with peanut butter folded over-Yes just before you leave to go to the restaurant.  Just, Don’t tell your Mom I said so.


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