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The Downside to Living in Southwest Florida…Yes there is a downside

September 6, 2012

The Downside to Living in Beautiful Southwest Florida…yes there is a downside.

Do you have friends/company that want you to go out to eat all the time, while their on vacation and your not? Friends that like to eat high on the hog, every meal taken with reckless abandon eating anything their hearts desire? Oh the waves of company that keep coming all winter…Oh there are dangers to living in SWFL, you thought all you had to worry about was the alligators. To add insult to injury your new job suddenly becomes activities director-leaving no time off to get a workout in. Why is it that vacationing guests always act like their on Spring Break! Only now they’ve traded in the bikinis and speedos for 5 course meals laden with fat. You tell yourself I can’t keep eating like this. They’re on vacation and I’m not- and hey don’t I have high cholesterol? But you get talked into going to a local restaurant anyway-after all there’s a coupon in the newspaper. The one the lady you never see throws on the driveway at 4 in the morning. Well company starts off by ordering drinks, then appetizers, entrees, more drinks…oh no here comes the desert menu, you don’t want to make them feel bad, wreck their good time. So-you say to yourself -I must eat it all, after all-aren’t I a people pleaser?

If this sounds like you then feel free to use one of the following 5 excuses and DON’T feel bad about it:
1. I ate something bad last night and I have a stomach ache.
2. My favorite show is on tonight and there is no way I can miss another episode. (Be careful using this one too often)
3. My spouse and I just had a major blowout and we’re gonna have to pass. ( Usually this is caused by a guy trying to get away with excuse #2. but use it anyway sparingly)
4. I’m scheduled for a medical procedure and I can’t eat after 12 noon. ( This is actually my best work)
5. I’m in the third day of my colon cleanse. ( Only use this if you can say it with a straight face-laughing will negate the value of any of the above-so please practice in the mirror before attempting any of these strategies)

Tip of the day:
5 things to do when guests want to go out to eat:

1. Take them to the New Estero Park- actually not that new-it was built with all the extra money from the 2005 boom-boy what a difference a year or two makes.
2. All day shopping, purchase your heavy items first and then ask friends to help carrying them.
3. Tell them your all going for ice cream at the beach. Park two miles away and walk thru thick sand to get there.
4. Take them to the water park and run them up the stairs all day to access the slides.
5. Take them to Ding Darling, for a day of biking, canoeing, and hiking. Your own version of a triathlon. Then finish the day off with a funny movie. Laugh your head off, even if its not that funny, this is a great ab workout.
Above all have a great time-remember you love your family and friends.

Stay tuned for other blog entries that I’m working on. Confessions of a Gym Owner, how to drive traffic into the gym and next I’m posting an exercise routine that I used to break through clients adaptation to exercise. I’ll reveal a dynamite routine guaranteed to work.

God Bless, and we love our friends.


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