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The Journey to publication continues, I thought I could put my 30 years as a personal trainer and exercise coach to good use

September 5, 2012

The Journey to publication continues…Last night Kathy and I prepared the Author Information Sheet answering all the questions about the book. Kathy helped with the encapsulation as the blurbs they wanted need to be around three sentences. One of the questions asked about the top three characters; I included them here for all to see.

Character # 1

: Jack Canon is the lead. Kind, handsome, loving, a boy at heart, somewhat naughty, he is driven to get to the top, the Presidency. His destiny is to make the World a better place. He is charismatic and while happily married enjoys his female friendships immensely without crossing the line. The women in his life accept that and love him anyway. He is a very young looking 53. Jack has piercing blue eyes; he’s got barely a touch of gray in his dark brown hair. He is in really good shape. Although he’s very humble about it.

Character # 2

: Sandy Collins is a stunningly beautiful Marilyn Monroe type who has worked for Jack for years and is hopelessly in love with him. She makes no bones that she wishes they could be together, but accepts their relationship for what it is-best friends. She is mid thirties. She sometimes crosses the line on business casual to a bit sexy. She is Jacks right hand and manages the office and is fiercely loyal.

Character # 3

: Lisa

has the highest IQ of anyone the group knows. An expert in statistics, she has bachelors in math from NYU and masters in Poli-Sci from Harvard. Lisa’s not a beauty like Sandy. She wears the long sides of her brown bob pinned back and dresses too conservatively. She uses scant makeup over otherwise pretty brown eyes and gives off an aura that she’s given up trying to embellish the outer package. Jack knows she could be pretty if she tried, he is disarmed with her other amazing qualities. Lisa is thoughtful like a scholar, yet shy and timid as a school girl. Her kindness and honesty are so real; she is a joy to be around. Jack loves her for it. Professionally, she is a political mastermind.

Actually, tied for third place there could have been Tip and Bud- but so much happens to Lisa she edged the other two out. As soon as the cover comes out I am going to start a website dedicated to the book.

I had a thought about blogging- while I’m waiting for the editing to begin- I thought I could put the 30 years I spent as an Advanced Certified Personal Trainer to good use-Kathy and I are both lifetime certified with NESTA, the most prestigious outfit in fitness. Anyway, I’m thinking that I could answer some questions people have about exercise and blog the answers. I spent 15 years as a Gold’s Gym owner-training people several hours a day. (See my blg entry about why exercise routines go stale)

If you have a question please leave a comment and I will select several for the blog.

Please tweet this if you liked the blog. God Bless Everyone.

Thanks, Greg


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