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Dinner out Last Night and Story Telling

September 2, 2012

Bill and Missi, our friends from Phili are in Florida until Tuesday. We all got together for dinner last night. I ordered a tall cold one-bud light- much deserved after the day I had. As I write this Kathy just passed me a piece of the Sunday paper to read, I have to add that to the stack of stuff I’m intending to get to. First priorty the untethered soul-got into that a little. Now that I’m writing the sequel and thinking of that my former visits to the library and stack of books well lets just say there’s not much time left. Getting back to last night-we had a great dinner and drinks and with a mild buzz and non-stop flowing conversation-we decided to head back to the Villagio for Ice Cream. (Kathy and I called and ordered the ice cream “parlor equipment” just prior to a trip to Maine-turned out people like it.-go figure) Well since we don’t live there anymore we aren’t allowed to enter unless with friends-that’s for a whole nother day-suffice to say we were at Villagio visiting with friends. We walked over to the Town Center from Bill and Missi’s and had some of the best ice cream in the world. Kathy refused to order so the girl behind the counter gave her a sample size to try and Missi shared it with her. kathy said it doesn’t have any calories cause it’s just a sample. We were having a blast when we were interupted by a recently divorced 60ish man who proceeded to “explain” how happy he was to be single. Missi wasn’t having any of it and dropped him several hints to leave-he was apparently to lonely to take the hint. I told the group on the walk back to the condo that the guys pain couldn’t have been more apparent had he been huddled in a corner in the fetal position. Fast forward- the conversation turns to my book-All in- and Kathy starts in telling about Jack and how kind he is to his assistant Lisa-she tells the story so much better than me. We turn to the subject of the first edit-which Kathy because she loves me undertook at great personal sacrifice-it turns out that I am not as open to critique as I would have hoped. Bill asked how did you stay married thru that- I told him that’s simple-we are like one person-Kathy knows me so well-and loved me enough to shred through chapter by chapter-and the book is better for it. It’s our project together-just like everything we do.


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