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Synopsis of my new Fiction Jack Canon – All In

August 30, 2012

                                               JACK CANON – ALL IN


     JACK CANON is going to be President of the United States—no matter what!

His destiny: To someday have the power–to use the highest office in the land–to make things right.

     Jack and his loyal group of friends are going to change America, but first they must break all the rules in Washington.  Beginning with campaign finance law–ending with murder, Jack and company embark on a thrill ride that tests them at every turn!

     America is like a once powerful locomotive that has left the tracks on a collision course with economic disaster.  Ordinary Americans are suffering from the longest recession in United States History.  Jack knows there’s plenty to go around and changes to a corrupt system will improve people’s lives. Born into great wealth and privilege, at a tender age Jack sees injustice that forever molds and drives his life’s purpose. Now a three term Senator from Kentucky; making a second run for the Presidency, he thinks he knows what it’s going to take.

The price turns out to be far greater than he planned.
Focus on changing pressing social issues – concentration of wealth and energy in America–

makes powerful enemies. Wolves come bearing gifts; Jack gets involved with rogue billionaires, “Big Oil”, even the mob. The heir to the fourth largest fortune in America has his eye on the Senator. During a major fundraiser at his lavish home, billionaire GENE HOBBS pulls Jack into the library for a meeting…

     The ceilings are 30 feet high. Three walls hold books up to about the first 15 feet, just above a platform circles three quarters of the room. Opposite the door are five, floor to ceiling arched windows. Each is partially opened allowing the outside winter cold to fight with the heat in the room. On the landing above the bookshelves are housed various artifacts of torture.

     “These are from the collection of King Henry,” Gene boasted.   Visible are guillotines, stretching racks and other devices all made of aged wood and iron. Some have big weathered chain links hanging and leather straps. There are black iron turning wheels, the sight is gruesome. Gene motioned to a large axe with a semi circular blade and an unusually long thick handle. “This is my prized piece of the entire collection – the axe used to behead Katherine, King Henry’s youngest bride.” Mounted next to the axe on a polished cherry post was a scrap of parchment. Next to it carved in gold lettering over black onyx is inscribed–an onlooker. The

parchment was faded to an almost illegible degree and kept behind glass. The words transferred onto the stone told the eerie account of the misty morning when the helpless fair haired young

girl, forced to lay under the weight of the wealth of England, was led to her death.  The inscribed read–Queen Katherine emerged just before 9 in the morning. A chilling rain the night before turned the courtyard muddy to our ankles. The streets contained the foul smell of chicken scratch and horse urine slurried into the mix. Gawkers pushed for position straining to see the delicate teenager as she walked barefoot clothed only in a plain linen dress. The exposed portion of her breasts so pale I could see the ghostly blue gray vein patchwork just beneath. The last time I had seen the young queen she was amazing, the most beautiful women in all England. Fancily dressed and bright riding in an open coach smiling sweetly waving to her subjects, I fancied the thought our eyes might have met for a second. ‘Spill her blood,’ a spectator called out.  I thought what cowards this mob content to stand by and watch each greedily clinging to his own life, any one of which could be wrenched from him in a second. This bitter gray morning the little queen made her way slowly up to the old worn wooden steps, pausing briefly, turning sad Doe- Eyes back to the crowd. A pitiful thin waif of a child so helpless and demure, Katherine continued up the stairs, ascending carefully.  Gripping the railing as if it could be her mother’s hand, hoping somehow she might be swept away from all this.

Once upon the platform, facing the crowd full on her limbs looked tiny, the simple dress hanging over her nearly shapeless frame. She wore no jewelry, her only adornment long hair–perfectly combed. The henchman placed her firmly in front of the block, with only a blank helpless stare Katherine moved her beautiful hair to one side exposing her slender neck.  I waited for her to jump to her feet and scream out in defiance, “What have I done that your precious king isn’t guilty of?” Laying her head sideways on the block she awaited her fate in silence. The black hooded killer drew back – I heard her neck crack, then a thud as the girls head crashed to the platform floor. Steam rose from the blood pouring making a warm pool, the lifeless body slumped behind the block.

     Gene Hobbs had acquired one of the only surviving accounts of the gruesome event. One can only imagine onlookers rushing to write on whatever they could find to recount the scene. The metaphor of the rich over the poor and the machinery of torture made Jack shudder.  Reading the account he felt sickened by the horror of the day, for lost innocence and the tyranny of the time. What a waste of a beautiful young life, what a disgrace for England.

     Jack cares deeply for his friends. One of his top staffers, LISA has almost given up on finding a man.  Feeling lonely, frumpy and overwhelmed; her tears are flowing like rain during an emotional lunch date with her boss.

There’s gotta be more to life than her job, even if she is the best Political Strategist in Washington.  In an effort to cheer Lisa up, Jack offers to take her to the mall to buy her a new outfit.  He feels responsible for her feelings since he was the one who convinced Hobbs to buy SANDY a New Mercedes.  Lisa was hurt, after all women talk and Lisa knows Jack’s not sleeping with her.  He’s happily married; can he help it that his best friend Sandy, the office manager, just happens to be jaw dropping beautiful?

     In a moment of weakness Jack bets Lisa that he can find her someone within a year; after all if he really cares for her, he reasons he’s gotta help.  Besides…Lisa wants a baby! His baby…Invitro.

     Watch as Jack and Lisa, are greeted by a beautiful woman at a salon during their trip to the mall…Close up her face looked smooth as silk like it was in soft focus. The delicate features reminded of a new fawn with giant eyes and a turned up nose. Jack thought the lighting must be magnificent so he looked over at Lisa to test the theory.

Lisa shot a look like ‘don’t you dare compare me to her.’ It wasn’t the lighting.  The beautiful woman is DAPHNE.  Jack ends up hiring her to intimidate and manage the press on the campaign trail.

     Jack has the kindest heart, but when Lisa turns up dead, he is forced to fight back using extreme measures.  A nationwide manhunt reveals the unthinkable—the President of the United States has ordered the murder to derail Jack’s campaign.

Jack calls on his head of security, TIP, an ex-agency operative to clean up the mess.  America’s most lethal assassin is unleashed to exact vengeance on the three men responsible. Disguised as an older person in a wheelchair, Tip sets up and executes the guilty; first, Gene Hobbs, then Mob Boss, TOMMY SANTORO, and finally the President himself.  Killing President GIL BARKER is no easy task. Framing Tommy Santoro for the murder—Priceless. The getaway is filled with suspense as Washington goes into chaos. Tip must go to plan B to escape.

     Jack struggles with the compromise of ideals, and realization as President they never end. Despite obstacles, Jack proves stronger, determined to fight; ready to risk it all for the greater good. Each dilemma leaves Jack and his loyal team choosing again. Take the journey of a man with charisma, contacts, good looks and a fun loving attitude; who still takes the time to listen and help staff members with their problems. Crime and corruption are interlaced with tender moments of relationship, family, illness, and life on the campaign trail. The pace is quick, and we are left to wonder what lies ahead. This heartfelt story will have you burst out laughing,

make you cry, get you excited, even angry; as you find yourself wanting Jack Canon for President!  Go behind the scenes with a group of friends and find out what it really takes to win the White House.

     We all wish for a better life; and dream of making a difference. The fat cats have been hoarding wealth for two centuries, the system is corrupt and nobody but Jack has the guts to change it.  In an age of suffering Jack Canon brings hope. You will believe! Jack is a Presidential Candidate that woman fall head over heals for and men want to be like. You’ll forgive all he must do to break the cycle of greed in America. You’ll be routing for Jack as he fights fire with fire so hot the pages singe. You won’t want to miss a thing.


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