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First phone meeting with publisher

August 28, 2012

Spent an hour on the phone with a publisher last night-if I sign with them and get through editing fairly easy, Jack Canon-All In could be out in paperback by January 15th.  She was great on the phone and said she liked the story about a president who will do what it takes to make things right.  Too much of Washington is clogged and unmoving and Jack and Company are going to make some big changes.

Lucky for me I’ve had a few great friends who have read the first book and liked it, which gave me the confidence to send it out.  Thanks to Sue and Ralph, Cindy, Terri, Michelle, Karen from my bank who stayed up all night to finish–yawning all the next day.  And, thanks to Debby who’s reading right now.  Biggest thanks goes to Kathy who edited chapter by chapter-not the most fun way to read–add that to putting up with my bull–even though she was right!  The story is stronger for it.

I asked the publisher-she’s written four books for a referral from one of the authors already signed–a person with tons of experience who was on the NYT Bestseller list for three weeks–I need advice!  At this point it’s fake it till you make it for me.

I will blog about our conversation, should be fun.


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